Our History

In 1996, Creely Wilson, Director of Nashville Baptist Association WMU Leadership Team, attended a conference and learned of the newly developed and piloted ministry model, Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC). The model was developed to minister to women in need and equip them to rise up out of poverty.  Creely states, “As I listened to the presentation I prayed, God, we need this ministry in Nashville, Tennessee. The Lord replied to me, ‘Yes, Creely, and I want you to begin the ministry."

Creely shared her vision with Candy Phillips, the Associate Director of the Nashville Baptist Association’s WMU Leadership Team. They both recognized the potential of CWJC to transform the lives of women struggling to overcome obstacles caused by poverty. With Creely and Candy's strong support and encouragement,  the WMU Leadership Team voted to establish a CWJC site in Nashville. In October of 1997, the first ten women were enrolled in CWJC-Nashville.  During the first five years, the ministry based at Lockeland Baptist Church served women in need in the Nashville area under the non-profit status of the Nashville Baptist Association.

Becky Sumrall  Executive Director of Begin Anew 2000-2018   

Becky Sumrall
Executive Director of Begin Anew 2000-2018


In June 2000, Rebekah (Becky) K. Sumrall was called by the Board to become the Executive Director. Several months earlier, Becky clearly heard God calling her to return to her earlier faith-based community ministry work serving individuals and families trapped in the cycle of poverty. In the following years, she and lead the expansion of the ministry from serving 15 students to 210 students weekly.

In the following 18 years (2018) Becky lead the expansion of  the organization from one to thirteen staff, one to seven locations, and two to three hundred  volunteers. Four thousand six hundred (4,600) adults and children were served from 2000-2018.  The ministry received two national awards during these years. Begin Anew was awarded  the Samaritan Award by World Magazine which recognizes effective compassion for the most vulnerable in America and the CWJC Site Award by National WMU. In 2017, Becky was awarded the Delanna Obrien Women's Leadership  Development  Award from National WMU.

In February 2003, CWJC-Nashville was incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization. The name was changed in 2006 to CWJC of Middle TN and added services to men in 2008. In 2016 the ministry's name changed again to Begin Anew of Middle Tennessee.

Our founder,   Creely Wilson  Creely began our ministry in Nashville, Tennessee in 1997.

Our founder, Creely Wilson
Creely began our ministry in Nashville, Tennessee in 1997.