The first step in volunteer training is to complete General Volunteer Training. This training is offered one on one or in small groups and can be scheduled with our Volunteer Recruiter/Trainer ( 

You can also complete training using our online tutorial (at the link below).

After completion of the General Volunteer Training, the Volunteer Recruiter/Trainer will provide more specialized training depending on the role in which they wish to serve (tutor, childcare, encourager, etc.).



Online General Volunteer Training

  • This video training has been created to be used in conjunction with our TED-Ed lesson at

  • Part 1 outlines the History of Begin Anew and Volunteer Opportunities available. Part 1 lasts about 10 minutes. Part 2 reviews helpful tools and frameworks for working with people in poverty. The Poverty Concepts section begins at the 10 minute mark and lasts about 15 minutes.


To attend General Volunteer Training or to receive training for your specific role, contact our Volunteer Recruiter/Trainer by email ( or phone (615-244-3669) . We would be delighted to schedule a time to meet you for training!